Wolf Appliance Repair

Wolf Grill Repair

Wolf grills are highly functioning appliances that do not malfunction often. With this brand of grill, maintenance is the most important facet of ownership. If your grill is not getting hot enough to cook raw meat, this could present a serious health issue. You don’t want the flames to be too high either, this will scorch the meat. Get professional Wolf appliance repair today if you’re having problems.

Your Wolf grill should serve you well for many years before it has issues. If you’re having problems with your outdoor grill, it could be that too much gas is being supplied, ignition failure, or not enough gas supplied to the grill. Call us if your Wolf grill is not lighting, takes a long time to light, is not staying lit, or any other problems.


Wolf Oven Repair

The main issues that users have with their Wolf oven are with the temperature. Keep in mind that if you use a temperature gauge, it is going to read differently than the oven display. If you attempt to measure this, it will never be exactly the same. Some users have experienced their oven being too hot or not hot enough.

Keep in mind that the oven is designed to reach its set point and then turn off. Because of this, it is normal for the temperature to fluctuate plus or minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit during use. It is safe to say that you should have a professional take a closer look at your oven if it is taking far longer than normal to cook a recipe you regularly make. Let us know if your oven has poor cooking performance.


Wolf Cooktop Repair

Wolf cooktops are premium gas and electric appliances that typically work very well. If your cooktop is electric and the burner stops working, check the electric fuse and see if it has blown.

If it has, you will see a black color on the tip of the fuse confirming that it has been burned. No matter if the issue is wiring, a burner issue, or something else, we can repair your Wolf cooktop the same day you call us.


Wolf Microwave Repair

If it is taking far longer than the instruction indicate to heat your food, you may need microwave repair service. Especially if you’ve had your microwave for a while and it has never been serviced. Even if you purchase a high quality appliance, it is going to need service at some point.

The problems that microwaves have can be electrical, heating issues, a poor door seal, your food not cooking thoroughly, and more. If your microwave simply won’t turn on anymore, you should definitely give us a call so we can run a diagnostic test on the unit.


Wolf Stovetop Repair

We can repair your Wolf gas, electric, or induction stovetop. Electric stovetops can become locked, unresponsive, or give you error messages.

In some cases, an electric stovetop will lock itself after a power outage occurs. Your gas surface burner shouldn’t take longer than three or four seconds to light. If you hear constant clicking without ignition, there may be an issue with your burner.


Wolf Warming Drawer Repair

These warming drawers work excellently for keeping food warm, rising dough, and even warming plates before a meal.

Just like any other appliance in your kitchen, the warming drawer gets worn down over time. We are able to repair any model of Wolf warming drawer that you have. If you need fast, same day Wolf appliance repair, count on us.