Viking Appliance Repair

Viking Refrigerator Repair

If you’re having issues with your refrigerator not getting cold, you may need a Viking appliance repair professional. First, make sure you’re getting enough power to the unit. Check on the coolness setting in the refrigerator to make sure that it is not too low.

Let us know if you’re hearing any unusual sounds from your refrigerator. The sounds are likely coming from the compressor or fan. Also, if your refrigerator is not cooling as it should you may experience frost build up.


Viking Dishwasher Repair

Some people who own Viking dishwashers have complained about the unit not draining. If your dishwasher is not draining or it’s draining very slowly, you should clean the filter strainer. Your strainer is below your dishwasher rack and you may need a screwdriver to remove it.

Simply clean the strainer with soap and water removing any food and particles, then replace it. The waste hose is where water drains from the dishwasher into the sink. This hose may have gotten clogged or has a kink in it. Our certified technicians are more than happy to come to you to determine what the problem is.


Viking Dryer Repair

Is your dryer noisy or not starting? Perhaps your dryer won’t tumble or it’s not getting enough heat.

If your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes, it could be an issue with your heating elements, thermostats, or coils. If the dryer is having trouble turning off, the parts that cause this problem are the timers and door switches.


Viking Oven Repair

If you have a Viking oven that is not heating you may want to test the flat oven ignitor with a multimeter. If the issue lies with the igniter, this can be easily replaced.

We are well versed in Viking oven repair and it’s no problem for us to repair any issue with your oven.


Viking Washing Machine Repair

Is your washing machine not spinning or draining?

We have repaired a wide range of Viking washing machine problems such as weak agitation, filling too slowly, leaking water, and strange noises. Viking washing machine users have experienced a malfunction of wet clothes at the end of a cycle. Call us if you’re experiencing these issues or any others.


Viking Freezer Repair

If water is leaking all over your floor from your freezer, check the drain pan to make sure there is nothing obstructing it including ice and food particles. Pour hot soapy water down the drain to help clear this.

If the water is flowing from your dispenser very slowly or your ice cubes are hollow, you can fix this by increasing the water pressure. This can be done by turning the water valve towards the on position.

When you need Viking appliance repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will send a Viking appliance repair specialist to you wherever you are in Palm Beach County.