GE Appliance Repair

GE Refrigerator Repair

You’ve just bought a new fridge and it’s warm. Before you call General Electric for appliance repair, keep in mind that you will need to allow 24 hours to pass so that the unit can fully cool down.

If the refrigerator is not brand new or as cold as it should be, make sure that the freezer door is tightly sealed. A simple door gasket can cause a lot of problems for a refrigerator.  If you encountered any problems with your GE refrigerator, give us a call.


GE Dishwasher Repair

G.E. makes a wide range of dishwashers with a variety of features. Fortunately, our certified technicians have a great and deal of experience with General Electric dishwasher repair.

Call us and let us know if you’re having issues with your dishwasher not turning on, not filling with water, weak water pressure, or any other problem.


GE dryer

If your dryer runs but does not heat up, there are a few different things that you can check. First verify that the dryer is plugged into a 208V / 240V outlet.

You may be able to run the dryer with less power than this, but it will not heat up. Also, check your circuit breaker to see if it has partially tripped.


GE oven

A unique feature of G.E. ovens are that their ability to lock. If there is food in the oven and it’s locked, turn the oven off and allow the food to cool to room temperature and then attempt to open the door.

If there is nothing in the locked oven, begin the self clean cycle, wait 60 seconds and then hit clear. If this still does not open the oven, you may want to run a self clean cycle that lasts up to 2 hours.


GE Washing Machine

Some people have had issues with their G.E. washing machine filling with water but not agitating. Be sure that your washing machine is unplugged first if you do any maintenance or cleaning.

If agitation is the problem, you can reset the motor. Do this by unplugging the washer for 60 seconds, plugging it back in, and then raise and lower the lid several times. This disrupts the magnetic connection causing the motor to be reset. If you are still having issues after resetting, feel free to give us a call.


GE Freezer Repair

The issues with G.E. freezers are usually with temperature, clicking sounds, constant running, leaking water, frozen freezer coils, a frozen defrost drain, or the indicator light is out.

Count on us for your General Electric appliance repair and call as we have a great deal of experience repairing all of these issues and can get it done in a timely manner.