Kitchenaid Appliance Repair

Kitchenaid Refrigerator Repair

Is your Kitchenaid refrigerator having defrost problems? Perhaps your refrigerator has water buildup or your refrigerator is not cold. Before your determine that you need Kitchenaid appliance repair, make sure that an easy fix is not the problem. For example, if your fridge is warm, check and see if the controls have been shut off.

The easiest solution is to call a professional. If you would like to determine more about the problem before you call a professional; check the power supply, controls, and compressor to see if there’s a problem.


Kitchenaid Dishwasher Repair

A likely problem with dishwashers is that they won’t drain. The drain pump motor is responsible for this. The drain pump motor can be checked for continuity with a multimeter.

If the pump will not run but it is receiving power, it will need to be replaced. Defective drain pumps cannot be repaired, they will need to be replaced.


Kitchenaid Dryer Repair

One of the main things that go wrong with dryers is that they don’t heat up or they don’t dry your clothes properly. It could be an issue with your thermal fuse. These fuses go out when the dryer overheats.

A clogged vent can cause a thermal fuse to blow. The gas valve solenoid could also be the reason why your Kitchenaid dryer doesn’t work. A dryer that heats intermittently could have defective gas valve solenoids. If you’re not sure what the issue might be with your dryer, feel free to call us for same day repair.


Kitchenaid Oven Repair

As you might imagine, the main complaint about Kitchenaid ovens are when they don’t heat up properly. You can easily see when the bake element is not getting hotter.

This is a clear indication that the oven isn’t working. You can use a multimeter to test for continuity if you want to confirm this. The broil element can stop working as well, showing visible damage. Also, if you do not have enough power going to the oven, it will not work.


Kitchenaid Washing Machine Repair

Why won’t your washing machine spin? The number one likely cause is the lid switch assembly. The lid assembly does its job by preventing the washer from spinning if the lid is open.

However, if the switch completely fails, the washer will not spin at all. Overloading the washer can cause the motor coupling to fail earlier than it normally would. The motor coupling naturally wears down and can break over time.


Kitchenaid Freezer Repair

If your freezer can’t actually freeze and preserve your food, you’ve got a problem. Check the most common causes for your Kitchenaid freezer to not work.

It could be an issue with your start relay or your compressor. See if your condenser coils are dirty. Check the evaporator fan motor and see if it is still running.

Our certified technicians are on call 24/7 in West Palm Beach to provide you with same day Kitchenaid appliance repair with a 30 day warranty.