LG Appliance Repair

LG Refrigerator Repair

Many LG appliance repairs are the same. If there’s a problem, it’s typically that the fridge is not cooling, the water dispenser is not working, the ice maker is not working, or leaking water.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems you should definitely call us for repair in West Palm Beach. Make a point to clean the condenser coils on your LG refrigerator twice a year, clean the gaskets or have it replaced, defrost your refrigerator as needed, and clean the interior.


LG Dishwasher Repair

LG dishwashers sometimes show a fault code letting you know what is wrong with the unit.

These errors could be a leakage error, water overflow error, heating element error, water inlet error, motor error, drain error, or power failure. Though LG dishwashers are very well-made they can still encounter errors. Call us for LG dishwasher repair if your unit reads any of these codes.


LG Dryer Repair

LG dryers have a smart diagnosis feature that helps you determine what the problem is with your dryer quickly and accurately. Although, this feature is only available on some models.

LG offers an app that you can download on your phone that records tones that come out of the dryer. The app provides you with troubleshooting steps for the dryer. If your dryer is not heating or taking a very long time to dry, reach out to a professional today to get it repaired.


LG Oven Repair

Some of the problems experienced with LG range, stove, and oven units are that the self-cleaning function does not work, the oven won’t turn off, and the stove or oven heating element is not working. All of these issues can make it difficult to make a simple home-cooked meal.

If your stove heating element is not working, you may need LG appliance repair for the radiant surface element and we can certainly do that. There could be a few different reasons why the oven does not turn off. It could be because the temperature control thermostat has failed or an issue with the control board relays. It’s no problem for us to send a technician to you for LG appliance repair the same day you call us.


LG Washing Machine Repair

Just as LG has an app to help you monitor the health of your dryer, the same applies to your washing machine.

The free app will help you troubleshoot your washer. If your washing machine does not have this feature, simply observes the issues that you’re washing machine is having and give us a call.


LG Freezer Repair

We have experienced LG freezers that are not cooling sufficiently. Repairing this is no problem for us. We’re more than happy to come to you and determine if there is an issue with your compressor, ice maker, or any other features.

Noises are another indication that there’s something wrong with your freezer refrigerator unit. The gurgling and growling noises usually come from the circulation of refrigerant and frost stuck to the evaporator dripping onto the heater. 


Get same day LG appliance repair the same day you need it when you call us.