Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator is too warm, it could be that one of the fans is not working correctly. The thermostat can also malfunction. Your Sub-Zero appliance repair is best in the hands of a technician who has done these repairs before

The cooling components are the evaporator, condenser, and the compressor. If one of these malfunctions, give us a call and we will send a Sub-Zero appliance repair specialist to you wherever you are in West Palm Beach.


Sub Zero Oven Repair

If you’re having issues with your Sub-Zero electric oven not heating up, check and see if there is any power going to the unit. Test the self cleaning process and see if it works.

An additional cause of the oven not heating could be the cooling fan issue or an issue with your relay board or control board. If your oven is giving you error messages, feel free to give us a call and let us know the error code. We’re more than happy to help you in any way we can.


Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair

If your wine cooler is not holding temperature and running all of the time, it could be because there is an evaporator leak. It is no problem for one of our certified technicians to come to you wherever you are in West Palm Beach to diagnose your wine cooler and issue the repairs.

If there are any other symptoms you have noticed with your wine cooler, feel free to let us know when you call. All of our repairs include brand-new appliance parts with a 30 day warranty.


Sub Zero Freezer

We have worked on Sub-Zero freezers for many years.

Call us if you’re having any problems with the freezer not being cold enough, leaking, strange noises, or ice maker problems. We’re more than happy to check your compressor and other components to make sure everything is working appropriately. Get experts in Sub-Zero appliance repair that can repair your appliance the same day.