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Same Day Appliance Repair services Jupiter FL everybody with appliance repair.  This includes washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, stove and microwave repair.  In addition to residential appliance we also provide restaurant and commercial appliance repair.  Our head technician has over 30 years of experience and works on all high end brands as well.  This included sub zero, wolfe, viking, bosch, thermador, miele, Jenn-air and any other high end brand.  We also have a customer service team who is always available to take your call.  Call us anytime and we will put you on the schedule asap.  We use all brand new parts which come with a 1 year warranty.

Services We Provide

Residential Appliance Repair

Excellent residential appliance repair Jupiter

Our company can repair any major house hold appliance including high end brands.  First check to see if you appliance is under warranty.  If it’s under warranty you should get a free repair from the manufacture.  If it’s not under warranty give us a call and we will come out and repair.  We are constantly working in Jupiter communities such as Admirals Cove, Abacoa, Egret Landing, Jonathans Landing and all other residential neighborhoods.


Restaurant Appliance Repair

Restaurant Appliance Repair Jupiter

Jupiter does not have it shortage of great restaurants Left Overs, Food Shack, Dive Bar and many more.  In case any of these restaurant’s appliance break down we are here to help.  Give us a call as we can fix any freezer, oven, cooler, ice maker, refrigerator or anything else.  When it comes to restaurant appliance repair it needs to be done quickly.


 Commercial Appliance Repair

Commercial Appliance Repair Jupiter

Jupiter has lots of gas stations and commercial buildings.  Our technicians work on all commercial appliances including walk in coolers, refrigerators and ice makers.  If you own a commercial business in Jupiter and you need appliance repair give us a call.  We will be out quickly and get the repair done asap.  We understand that your business most likely can’t function properly without working appliances.



Yacht/Boat/Marine Appliance Repair

quick yacht boat marine appliance repair Jupiter

Yachts and boats have many appliances that could break down any minute.  Don’t worry we offer marine appliance repair in Jupiter.  Normally the appliances on yachts are high end like Sub Zero, Wolfe, Viking, Miele and Thermadore.  Our technician has experience working on all these brands and we warranty our work.  Call us today if your yacht needs any appliance repair.

Our Appliance Repair Service

Dishwasher Repair

Excellent dishwasher repair Jupiter

Dishwashers are very important when it comes to kitchen clean.  Having a broken dishwasher means you are spending extra time washing dishes.  If you need dishwasher repair in Jupiter give us a call.  We service the entire city of Jupiter and can repair any brand.  Problems with dishwashers include leaking, stuck on a cycle, not turning on, dirty dishes and broken rack holders.  Don’t worry we can fix all these problems and any others that might come up



 Washing Machine Repair

quality washing machine repair jupiter

Anybody who has a family knows the importance of the washing machine.  With a broken washing machine the clothes can start piling up quick.  Many problems can occur such as water in washer, clothes not getting cleaned, loud rumbling sound, stuck on a cycle or just not turning on.  If you are experiencing any problems call us for washing machine repair in Jupiter.  We offer same day service to the entire city Jupiter.  Don’t let those clothes pile up and get dirty.  Call us today for repair!



Dryer Repair

Excellent Dryer Repair Jupiter

Having the washing machine working properly is only half the battle when cleaning clothes.  Don’t forget they have to be dried as well.  The days of hanging clothes outside are pretty much over.  We can repair any of the following problems burning smell, clothes not drying, not spinning, knob broken or smelly clothes.  We offer dyer repair in Jupiter to all the major communities including Abacoa, Jonathans Landing, Egret Landing and Maplewood.  In fact we offer same day service to all of Jupiter.  Give us a call and we can repair your dyer.

 Freezer Repair

Same Day Freezer Repair Jupiter

Nothing worse than going to Publix, buying a bunch of frozen meat.  Then coming home to a broken freezer and no place to put your meat.  If this happens call immediately we repair any brand of freezers and service Jupiter daily.  Getting the freezer back up and running quickly is important for your grocery shopping.  Especially those hot summer days when ice cream is a real treat.



Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair Jupiter

Ever want your refrigerator to break?  Just throw a party and there is no doubt it will break the day before.  I can’t tell you how many times we phone calls regarding broken refrigerators the day before a party.  Don’t worry we can come out and repair your refrigerator in Jupiter.  Many repairs occur same day, but sometimes we have to order parts.  Parts arrive asap as we know it’s tough to live with a broken refrigerator.  Give us a call today and we will be out same day.



Stove Repair

Best Stove Repair Jupiter

Getting ready to bake a birthday cake and the stove goes out?  Always happens right?  Don’t worry call us with any stove repairs needed in Jupiter.  We service the area daily and can fix the stove as quickly as possible.  Some parts will need to be ordered.  Stoves can have many different problems such as not heating, door not locking, burning smell and error message.  We repair any brand of stove or oven.



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