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Same Day Appliance Repair provides West Palm Beach FL with appliance repair.  Our head technician has over 30 years of experience repairing refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, freezers, restaurant equipment and any commercial appliances.  We are always pick up the phone so you can book an appointment.  After the job we follow up to make sure everything is working properly and you were happy with the service.

Services We Provide

Residential Appliance Repair

Excellent residential appliance repair west palm beach

We service all residential communities in West Palm Beach.  Our technicians can repair all major appliances of any brand.

Restaurant Appliance Repair

Restaurant Appliance Repair West Palm Beach

Between City Place and Clematis there must be 30 high quality restaurants for West Palm Beach Residents to choose from.  However, I guarantee they won’t choose the restaurant who’s refigerator or any other appliances aren’t working.  If any of your equipment goes down call us for instant restaurant appliance repair in West Palm Beach.  We can easily get to City Place, Clematis or any other area.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Commercial Appliance Repair West Palm Beach

Gas stations, liquor stores, grocery markets and convenient stores all use commercial coolers and appliances.  Unfortunately appliances do break down from to time.  The key is getting them back up and running before the business starts losing money.  The only monetarily cost should be the cost of the repair.  Call us for quick repair on all commercial appliance repair in West Palm Beach.  To extend the life on commercial refrigerators be sure to clean the coils as that will put less strain on the compressor.

 Yacht/Boat Appliance Repair

quick yacht boat marine appliance repair

There are a few Marina’s in West Palm Beach including Palm Beach Marina, Rybovich and Palm Beach Yacht Club and Marina.  South Florida is Yacht, Boat and Marine capital of the world.  Higher end yachts have lots of high end appliances.  When you are in the middle of the sea you definitely don’t want anything breaking down.  Our company can repair yacht, boat, marine appliances in West Palm Beach before you go out to sea.  We are a fully licensed and insured company, which most marinas require before doing any work.

Our Appliance Repair Service

Stove repair

Fabulous stove repair west palm beachStoves are very important when it comes to cooking a meal for example steaming vegetables.  But what happens if your stove breaks down?  Luckily our company  does same day stove repair in West Palm Beach.  Stoves can be repaired before dinner time.  Here are a couple of maintenance tips when it comes to stoves.  Once a month clean the burners as any old particles can smell bad.  Avoid allowing the water to splash out of the pan.  Splashing on the burner can cause them to wear down quicker than usual.

Freezer repair

Same Day Freezer Repair West Palm Beach

What is better than walking down Clematis street with an ice cream bar in hand.  If you live in one of the many buildings in West Palm Beach this is possible.  Well that is only if your freezer is working.  If you freezer breaks down don’t lose all your ice cream.  Call our company as we offer freezer repair in West Palm Beach.  All quotes are in writing and service calls are free with repair.

 Refrigerator repair

Fantastic refrigerator repair west palm beach

Do you live off Belvedre, Forest Hill, Southern, Okeechobee or 45 th street in West Palm Beach?  There are so many neighborhoods which means lots of block parties.  They key to a block party is a refrigerator packed with beer and food.  If your refrigerator breaks before the block party call Same Day Appliance Repair.  We can repair refrigerators in West Palm Beach.  A great tip to extend the life of your refrigerator is to clean the coils in the back frequently.

 Dryer repair

Excellent dryer repair west palm beach

It’s mid August which means school has started in West Palm Beach.  This means the laundry will be pilling up quickly.  First step is getting it clean and they dryer.  If you dryer breaks down avoid chaos in the household.  Call us for quick dryer repair in West Palm Beach.  Our parts carry a warranty of 1 year.  If your dryer isn’t heating it might need a vent cleaning.  Also be sure to remove the lint from the dryer as often as possible.

 Washing Machine repair

Washing Machine Repair West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach offers little league year round.  Two games a week means the uniforms have to be washed often.  If your washing machine isn’t cleaning properly the uniforms will never get cleaned.  Avoid sending your son onto the field with a dirty uniform.  Give us a ring for same day washing machine repair in West Palm Beach.  We will have the washer fixed before game time.

Dishwasher repair

Best dishwasher repair west palm beach

There are so many fun activities to do in West Palm Beach.  For example going to City Place, Clematis or Rapid Water Parks.  With all this fun who has time to wash their own dishes?  If you are handing washing dishes call us today.  We offer 100% satisfaction dishwasher repair in West Palm Beach.  A great tip for dishwashers is cleaning the gasket frequently  The seal of a dishwasher is so important and having a clean gasket will extend the life of the seal.


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