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Same Day Appliance Repair provides Deerfield Beach FL with appliance repair.  Our seasoned technicians can fix any type of major appliance including washer, dryer, refrigerator, oven, stove, freezer, dishwasher and washing machines.  In addition to being able to fix all major appliances we can also work on all major brands.  Our company offers same day service, free service call with repair, warranty on all work and exceptional customer service.  Give us a try today you will be very happy.


Services We Provide

Residential Appliance Repair

best residential appliance repair in deerfield beach florida

Same Day Appliance Repair can fix any major house hold appliances.  This includes high end brands or any make or model.  We frequently visit all the main communities in Deerfield Beach including Sherwood Park and Coquina Lakes

Restaurant Appliance Repair

Restaurant appliance repair in deerfield beach florida

There are so many great restaurants in Deerfield Beach.  Just drive up and down US 1 and you have so many great options.  If you own a restaurant it’s important to have a company that can do quick restaurant appliance repair in Deerfield Beach.  Our company focuses on Deerfield Beach and is always in the area.  If your restaurant oven, cooler, walk in refrigerator break down give us a call.  We will be there same day to fix any problems.

 Commercial Appliance Repair

Expert commercial appliance repair deerfield beach florida

If you own an office building, gas station or event hall you know those ice makers and refrigerators always break down at the worst time.  Not to worry our company provides commercial appliance repair anywhere in Deerfield Beach.  We have a lot of experience fixing ice machines, large refrigerators and anything else that might break down.  Maybe you own a hotel and your dryer has broken.  Give us a call we can repair it.

Yacht/Boat/Marine Appliance Repair

quick yacht boat marine appliance repair in deerfield beach

If you own a boat or yacht you know how important the refrigerator is for keeping beers cold.  South Florida is the yachting capital of the world.  Nothing better than a day at sea with beers, cocktails and snacks.  If you need yacht/boat or marine appliance repair in Deerfield Beach give us a call.  We service the area frequently and never to far away.

Our Appliance Repair Service

Dishwasher Repair

best dishwasher repair in deerfield beach florida

Most people don’t enjoy washing dishes.  If your dishwasher breaks gives us a call.  We can be out the same day and limit your time washing dishes.  Many things can go wrong with a dishwasher including leaking, leaving dirty dishes, stuck on a cycle and not draining.  Don’t worry we have repaired hundreds of dishwashers are yours can be next.  We offer dishwasher repair in Deerfield Beach 7 days a week.

 Washing Machine Repair

fast washing machine repair in deerfield beach florida

If your kids play sports at Deerfield Beach high school then the washing machine is probably running all the time.  Anybody with kids knows how important it is to have a running washing machine.  Luckily are trucks are fully stocked and we can often repair on the same day.  Our company is always doing washing machine repair in Deerfield Beach so we are never too far away.  Don’t make your kid wear a smelly basketball jersey two days in a row.  Call us today and we will be right out.

Dryer Repair

Quick dryer repair in deerfield beach florida

What can go wrong with a dryer?  Well for starters the clothes might not come out dry or maybe the dryer doesn’t start at all.  You have two options, one hang your clothes out side and two you can call Same Day Appliance Repair.  Each week we average about 10 dyer repairs in Deerfield Beach.  Our work is always guaranteed and we are happy to help.

 Freezer Repair


quickest freezer repair in deerfield beach floridaWhats the worst feeling after going to Publix and buying a bunch of frozen meat?  Coming home to a broken freezer.  Once you find out your freezer needs repair the clock starts ticking on your meat.  Before throwing away the meat, call us, we do offer freezer repair in Deerfield Beach.  Freezers are also very important for ice cream.  Who doesn’t enjoy a bowl of ice cream on that hot summer day.  Freezers are also important for holding ice cream on those hot summer days.    Deerfield Beach summers can be very hot.

Refrigerator Repair


refrigerator repair in deerfield beach florida

Having a neighborhood party in Sherwood Park?  Wake up to a broken refrigerator?  Don’t cancel the party call us for same day service refrigerator repair in Deerfield Beach.  We will have it fixed before the guest arrive and they beer and food will be cold.  There are many things that can go wrong with a refrigerator including not cooling, leaking, freezer side not working and smelling funny.  Not matter what the problem is we can repair your refrigerator.  Give us a call today.

Stove Repair

stove repair in deerfield beach florida

Just bought fresh ingredients from whole foods for a lasagna and the stove broke?  Don’t call off the dinner party before calling Same Day Appliance Repair.  We repair stove and ovens in Deerfield Beach often on the same day.  It’s never good when stoves are down for very long.  Everybody likes a hot meal or fresh pie right out of the oven.  Am I making you hungry?  I think I just made myself hungry.  Often times the element will break within the stove.  Not to worry we have repaired many stoves when the element goes out.  We are here to help.



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