What Is The Average Dryer Repair Cost?

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You can expect the average dryer repair cost to be between $100 and $400, depending on the repair type. Gas dryers cost more initially, perhaps $50 to $150 more. But, this type of dryer may save you money in the long run because they cost less to power.

Gas dryers have ignition coils that need to be replaced throughout the life of the dryer. So you can factor that into the dryer repair cost. A dryer belt problem can be indicated by a squeaking noise, this is the sound of the idler pulleys and drum rollers.

Dryer belt replacement is approximately $200, depending on the make and model. Dryer coil replacement is also a repair that your dryer may undergo at some point. The average dryer repair cost ranges in price because of the many different things that could go wrong.

Let us know if you’re experiencing any of the following problems, we can repair all of these and more:

  • Drum issue
  • Dryer overheating
  • No heat
  • Defective dryer

Dryer not drying? Try these solutions:

If your clothes have been in the dryer for a full cycle and you have to hang them out to dry afterwards, this confirms your dryer not drying.

If the gas dryer is not drying

The reason you need gas dryer repair could be due to a blown fuse, poor ventilation, and numerous other broken parts. If you have a gas dryer, it could be an issue with the supply line valve. The valve is responsible for making sure the dryer heats up. This valve should be unblocked and in the same room that the dryer is in. You should be able to open and close it easily.

The valve is on when the handle is parallel to the supply line. You know the valve is off when the handle is perpendicular to the supply line. Gas dryers require airflow and heat. Make sure the airflow is not restricted by not overloading the dryer.

When it is overloaded, the heating chamber may overheat. The overheating can lead to a blown thermal fuse which inhibits the gas valve from opening. Check your thermal fuse with an ohm meter by first disconnecting it. The thermal fuse meter should return to zero, if it does not, you likely need a new fuse.

If the electric dryer is not drying

If you have an electric dryer and have found that it suddenly isn’t working, there are a few tips you can try to get it working properly again. Clean the dryer lint filter trap and keep in mind you’ll need to do this before and after each use.

As your dryer spins, it removes lint from your clothes which can become stuck in the hot air vent hose. This hose can become caked with lint, making it very difficult for the hot air to leave the dryer. Thus, you’re left waiting a very long time for your clothes to dry if they do at all.

Contact us at anytime for electric or gas dryer repair if you discover your dryer not drying. We’re more than happy to diagnose and let you know the dryer repair cost.

Call us if you’re in need of dryer repair service in West Palm Beach. We’re happy to travel to you and issue the repairs the same day you call us.

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