Dryer Vent Repair

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It’s important that your dryer vent repair is done with proper materials which reduces the risk of fire hazard. Dryer vents which are damaged can potentially create bold because of the moisture. All 30 years that we’ve been in business, we only utilize International Residential Code (IRC) compliant materials for all of our repairs. Plus, dryer vent repair includes a 30 day warranty and brand new appliance parts.

Our dryer vent repair services:

  • Replacing vinyl vents and foil vents with quality metal fencing materials
  • Securing joints by applying foil tape
  • Repair of breaks in the line
  • Removal of screws
  • Making sure vents are updated and in code compliance
  • Replacing hangers that are missing
  • Plus, much more

Tumble dryer repair

If your condenser tumble dryer is not getting any heat, there are several things that could be the issue:

  • Will not start
  • Broken belt
  • Not heating properly
  • Drum does not turn
  • Door switch is faulty

My Dryer Won’t Start!

If you ever find yourself saying, “My dryer won’t turn on”, you know that there are a number of things that can go wrong with a dryer.

Tips for when the dryer won’t start


Is your dryer getting enough voltage from your house? To check this make sure the dryer is plugged in and make sure all of the circuit breakers are in the correct position. Make sure that no fuses are blown on the fuse panel. Plug in another appliance into the same outlet and see if it works. If it doesn’t work then it could be something wrong with the outlet.

Testing the start switch and door switch

If the start switch on the dryer does not work, the dryer simply cannot start. Conduct a test of your driver’s door switch and see if it is defective and requires replacement. Your dryer has a prong that touches the door switch. Look and see if the prong is damaged or broken. If this is the case you’ll just need another prong.

The door switch is typically white and has metal prongs or terminals protruding out. Your door switch may have two or three prongs. Test by accessing your dryer’s door switch, which you may be able to pop out or unscrew and remove. Label each wire and cable so that you know how to properly reattach them.

You may remove the two wires by pulling on the metal connectors and not the wires. Use an ohmmeter to test the switch at the RX1 resistance scale. You should receive a reading of infinity by touching the probe to the switch terminal. Press on the switch while the probes are still touching the terminals and you should get a reading of 0. If you don’t get the same test results, you can confirm that the door switch needs to be replaced.


The motor could be the main reason why your dryer won’t start. Motors can burn out and become defective. If this happens, it should certainly be replaced. Before you make the replacement you can test the dryer motor and see if this is where the issue is coming from. In order to test the dryer motor, you need to open the dryer cabinet and test with a multimeter. Make sure the multimeter is set to the R x 1 setting.

By touching the probes to each terminal you should see very little resistance. The reading should be close to 0 or at 0. Then you’ll want to check the ground connection by placing a single probe on the motor’s metal housing and place the other probe on the terminal. Do this one at a time. You should not get any reading from this test. If the motor fails these test it will need to be replaced.

Call us today

If anything has happened that has led you to confirm your dryer isn’t working, give us a call at anytime of the day or night we will come to you and issue the repairs at your convenience.

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