What is the average life expectancy of a refrigerator?

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The answer to that question is 13-19 years however there are some variables. Surprisingly the high end more durable refrigerators are the single door. These are hard to find but, can last a long time if you find one. Freezer ontop refrigerators usually last around 17 years. Side by side models which gives more space in the freezer department last about 14 years.

What are some problems that might occur with a refrigerator?

  • Fridge doesn’t cool
  • Freezing the food in the fridge
  • Ice despensor doesn’t work
  • Ice maker doesn’t work
  • Leaking
  • Making loud noises

All of these refrigerator problems can be repaired at a cost a lot less then buying a new fridge. However if the compressor goes out, it might just be time to buy a new refrigerator. The good news is there are ways you can make the compressor last. The trick is to clean the condenser coils. Frequent cleaning of the coils can make the compressor last much longer. Unfortunately it probably won’t last the 30 years it used to.

What are the most durable refrigerators?

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